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Health and Safety

Integral Policy

In Hutchison Ports TIMSA we provide efficient services to containers and general cargo, meeting the requirements of our customers and continuously improving the efficiency of our processes.

Committed to prevent pollution, work-related injuries and illnesses, to mitigate the impact of our environmental issues, to protect ships and port facilities and to ensure data privacy, we comply with the objectives, targets, applicable laws and other legal requirements around the organization.

These are some of the health and security actions in Hutchison Ports TIMSA that we carry out daily:


  • Legal safety compliance.
  • Preventive talks about safety and values.
  • Daily inspections in operational areas; Accidents Safety Index (IAS).
  • Implementation and appropriate follow-up of safety committees.
  • Annual Incentives to uninjured personnel.
  • Monthly news bulletin about security – Did you know ?.
  • Studies and analysis of risk in the operations.
  • Studies of the working environment.


  • Legal compliance in health.
  • Exercising at the start of shifts in operational areas.
  • Implementation of programs, campaigns and sports activities.
  • Random medical assessment.
  • Monthly news bulletin about security – Did you know ?.
  • Talks focused on values.
  • Monitoring the workers’ health.


  • It’s better to prevent.
  • Detection of drug use.
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Control of chronic and degenerative diseases.
  • Women’s Health.
  • Breast cancer prevention.
  • Visual acuity.
  • Health Promotion.
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