Hutchison Ports TIMSA invests 50 mdp in tipping containers.

5 May, 2017

Hutchison Ports TIMSA (Manzanillo’s International Terminal) invested 50 million pesos in tipping containers and specialized equipment to operate mineral bulk products.

This technology allows reaching higher productivity levels regarding vessel operation, making them able to manage over 1,600 tons per ship hour, without a doubt this represents a highly feasable alternative to improve the operations our clients conduct with traditional band-systems, being able to reduce vessel lodging times and the optimizing resources in all the areas involved in these operations.

As a first stage, Hutchison Ports TIMSA will use 140 containers specially designed to operate mineral bulks, they have an airtight lid that allows a safe transportation of the merchandise avoiding loses.

The new spreader system used to manage revolver-type containers has a special attachment that makes the container spin 360°. This technology is environment- friendly as it eliminates dust emissions over the piers during operations and avoids pollution during transportation from the storage site to the port.

The first operation was performed on April 24th, for Impala Terminals Mexico , where they moved 7,200 tons of copper extract to the Federal Hunter vessel. During the first stage Hutchison Ports TIMSA has a capacity for 2.5 million tons of mineral bulk per year.

Thanks to this investment, Hutchison Ports TIMSA is rising the flexibility of its infraestructure, reducing material loses and increasing its productivity by diversifying the excellence in the services they provide.