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Health and Safety



  • Legal safety compliance.
  • Preventive talks about safety and values.
  • Daily inspections in operational areas; Accidents Safety Index (IAS).
  • Implementation and appropriate follow-up of safety committees.
  • Annual Incentives to uninjured personnel.
  • Monthly news bulletin about security – Did you know ?.
  • Studies and analysis of risk in the operations.
  • Studies of the working environment.


  • Legal compliance in health.
  • Exercising at the start of shifts in operational areas.
  • Implementation of programs, campaigns and sports activities.
  • Random medical assessment.
  • Monthly news bulletin about security – Did you know ?.
  • Talks focused on values.
  • Monitoring the workers’ health.


  • It’s better to prevent.
  • Detection of drug use.
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Control of chronic and degenerative diseases.
  • Women’s Health.
  • Breast cancer prevention.
  • Visual acuity.
  • Health Promotion.
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