Hutchison Ports TIMSA celebrates 10 million tons of mineral bulk.

26 April, 2021

Four years have passed since Hutchison Ports TIMSA began handling mineral bulk cargoes, during these four years, they have been using specialized equipment and innovative process services, allowing us to celebrate a new record by handling 10 million tons of mineral bulk cargo in this terminal.

Since 20217, Hutchison Ports TIMSA has faced the dynamics of managing mineral cargo through innovation and logistic advantages under a total focus on the client.

Hutchison Ports TIMSA is always looking to improve its services, leaning on its commitment to the UNITY philosophy as the foundation of values that represent our global port network.

TIMSA holds the leadership, informed decisions, focus on honesty and generation of trust, as well as the strength to work respectfully with co-workers, clients and the environment, as part of the social responsibility that distinguishes us as a group at Hutchison Ports Mexico.

2021 is a year of challenges and this represents one of the first accomplishments we want to share with you.