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Our People

Hutchison Ports TIMSA has highly trained personnel, passionate about their work, that look for attracting and retaining new talents, promoting teamwork and encouraging good leadership.

50% of our staff has professional training and 32% with at least one technical degree, besides counting on highly skilled leaders.

Annually, we train an average of 1,800 employees with levels of undergraduate and graduate studies, high school or technical degree, giving at least 3 courses per employee. Because we are looking for the welfare and development for our staff, we are negotiating courses in basic (primary and secondary) education for unionized employees with regional authorities, then they will get their official certificate. Hutchison Ports TIMSA annually spends about $ 150,000. US in training.

Our staff has distinguished itself for being well-trained and achieving certification to become auditing leaders in environmental management systems, Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and the ISPS Code.

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