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Hutchison Ports TIMSA began operations in 1999 as a stevedoring company oriented to the container market development at the Mexican Pacific Coast.

Located in the Port of Manzanillo, in the state of Colima, its ideal location promotes trading between Asia and the cities of Guadalajara and Mexico, as well as with the highly industrialized states of Jalisco, Guanajuato and Queretaro.

Hutchison Ports TIMSA operates besides container ships also cargo ships with products such as sheet steel rolls, pipes, wire rod rolls, rod rolls etc., as well as project cargo for the automotive industry, among others.

Traditionally Hutchison Ports TIMSA, through its investments, has been enabled to create infrastructure and technology that give support to its efficient services, as an example we mention the unique cargo warehouse LCL in the Port of Manzanillo, being self-supporting, based on a selective type racks that allow the movement of cargo without making rearrangements.

The Hutchison Ports TIMSA effort to ensure the cost-effectiveness of its services and the efficient handling of containers has resulted in a significant and important increase in volumes over the past years, which has also been the consequence of having a highly trained and experienced staff in modern techniques of terminals management.

In the search of competing within the international standards, Hutchison Ports TIMSA is the first Port Terminal in Mexico that operates with processes certified by the ISO 9001: 2000 norm. In this way, this port terminal becomes the first to achieve this certification that guarantees its quality service to foreign trade.

Terminales Hutchison Ports en México