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Mission and Values


To provide reliable services in cargo handling, attending our customers with quality and efficiency through a highly competent workforce and supported with the best technology in the logistics chain.


To offer our customers competitive services with the standards of any specialized terminal in the national market.

Integral Policy

In Hutchison Ports TIMSA we provide efficient container and general cargo services, meeting the requirements of our customers and continuously improving the efficiency of our processes.

Committed to prevent pollution, injuries and work-related illnesses, to mitigate the impact of our environmental issues, to protect ships and port facilities and to ensure data privacy, we comply with the objectives, targets, applicable laws and other legal requirements around the organization.

With values, you create the culture of Hutchison Ports TIMSA.


  • Efficiency in the delivery of our services, operations and processes optimizing the use of the resources we use to meet the requirements of our customers, avoiding waste.
  • Commitment to providing our customers quality service; to the society, by generating stability in the environment; to the environment by respecting and complying with all established standards in order to take care of it.
  • Security in handling and in the use of information, performing activities with a firm commitment to protect the integrity of our staff and taking care of the interests of our customers through the compliance of safety rules.
  • The continuous improvement as an individual goal of each one who works at Hutchison Ports TIMSA, always looking for opportunities to improve our processes and services.
  • Competent staff focused on exceeding customer requirements, in order to achieve their satisfaction.
  • Integrating innovation in new projects, through benchmarking and research of new technologies and better practices that add value to our processes.
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